Sunday, August 30, 2015

Unreliable News Sources

****This is a compilation in the works, if you know of a satirical website not listed, please let me know. I will also add, that in the making of this list...I was blocked from proceeding because of certain websites Facebook recognizes as malicious.

(I will also work on unreliable sources such as, AboveTopSecret and, at a later time )

Satire and parody sites. Avoid sharing articles from these websites: (April 1)
**Avoid sharing articles dated April 1 without confirmation, even reliable news sources
The Beaverton

Broken World News
Call The Cops
The Chive

The Duffle Bag
The Final Edition Blog
The News Nerd
The Occasional
The Onion
Rock City Times
The Stringer Daily
Wyoming Institute of Technology


Websites to help identify news sources:


Exposing The Truth

Bad Sources And The Spread of Disinformation

Doubtful News’
“Beyond Doubtful” list of no-go-to sources

Irreverent Monk
Fake, Parody, or Unreliable "News" websites

MGHurston Creative Services
List of Fake News Sites (Satire and Hoaxes)


The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook

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