Sunday, August 30, 2015

Unreliable News Sources

****This is a compilation in the works, if you know of a satirical website not listed, please let me know. I will also add, that in the making of this list...I was blocked from proceeding because of certain websites Facebook recognizes as malicious.

(I will also work on unreliable sources such as, AboveTopSecret and, at a later time )

Satire and parody sites. Avoid sharing articles from these websites: (April 1)
**Avoid sharing articles dated April 1 without confirmation, even reliable news sources
The Beaverton

Broken World News
Call The Cops
The Chive

The Duffle Bag
The Final Edition Blog
The News Nerd
The Occasional
The Onion
Rock City Times
The Stringer Daily
Wyoming Institute of Technology


Websites to help identify news sources:


Exposing The Truth

Bad Sources And The Spread of Disinformation

Doubtful News’
“Beyond Doubtful” list of no-go-to sources

Irreverent Monk
Fake, Parody, or Unreliable "News" websites

MGHurston Creative Services
List of Fake News Sites (Satire and Hoaxes)


The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Land of Make Believe (Paranormal Community)

Okay my dad wasn't a candy maker, never learned the art of sugar coating anything... But I'll give it my best shot.  👍🌈   

Welcome to the Land of Make Believe;

Where everyone is equal despite their lack of moral integrity, their methodology, mental health status, criminal history, their "research", their education, or their ability to discern truth from bullshit.

Where our motto is- "I'm good. You're good. We're all good. Unless, of course, you talk about anything that doesn't compliment what I believe. Then you're a bad neighbor "

Where anyone with $400 can receive any certificate stating they are in fact the Master of the Universe at any given skill set. Please remember, even if others outside the Land of Make Believe are fooled into thinking they need many years of schooling to achieve such accreditation, this does not take away from your certificate of Unicornification. It's not your fault you found a shortcut, haters.

If normal titles are too bland for you, you can always acquire a flashier title like "Orb analyst", "Evp specialist", "Demon Doctor" or "Grand Puba of Weird Shit" (that's mine, don't try to take it). They are all socially, and "professionally" accepted in the Land of Make Believe.

Where anyone with the slightest amount of technical ability can make a flashy Thingy McBob™ and call it a Ghost Annihilator 5000©. (Patented, don't steal my idea).

Where red hula hoops in photos serve as the greatest tool to combat disbelievers and naysayers. If there's a hoop, there's a ghost.

Where if you forgot to book your ghost in advance you can simply make one "happen" via Ghost Capture. (This is where proof has no bearing on what my friends uncles cousin caught while photographing the corner of his room)

Where the same little girl ghost in plaid has been everywhere from feeding a deer in Texas, to your little brother's sock drawer in New Zealand. (And no one questions if ghosts can have a twin or time travel.)

Where despite if you're found, with proof, to be a fraud... You can be accepted by minions of the Social Media Underworld, who will defend you with the greatest amount of brainwashed honor.

Proof has no place here in The Land Of Make Believe.

And lastly,

Just remember,

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day on my YouTube, good.
Would you share mine?
That would be fine...

It's a neighborly day in this Facebook group,
If you don't like me, boot me...
Wont you like mine?
Share it that's fine...

I have always wanted to have a neighbor, that agrees like you...
If you disagree with me, I'll block you- it's true....

So, let's make the most of this share button today.
If you don't, I might as well say:
Would share mine?
No you won't, fine?
Then you can't be my neighbor...

Won't you please,
Oh don't you please,
Please don't you be... my hater.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Community Moving On (After a School Shooting)

It's important to remember, but not to dwell.

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair…Chinese proverb

Some people may wonder, how does a community move on from a school shooting? How do the students react to going back to school days after such a tragedy? How do parents learn to trust the environment that they send their children to daily? Even years, or decades later, do people forget about the tragic events that unfolded years before?

The questions many wonder, or ask, have no easy answer. For everyone, the answers will be different.

For a parent who sends their child to school where a mass shooting has occurred, there is a morality that is put on our children that most parents don't need to think about when they send their children off to school. I'm one of those parents.

Everyday when I pull up to the school, to drop my son off, I scan across school grounds. I think about the terror that occurred in C building, that sits at the front of the school. I think about those 4 people who died in that shooting on  May 1, 1992. Their names have become familiar to nearly every household in our community, even if you didn't know them personally.

Although my mind wanders to tragedy, my heart is met with gratitude everyday I pick him up safely. I know life is short and it all can change in a moment. We must be grateful for today.

I was in high school the year that The Lindhurst Shooting occurred. I watched from my classroom 15 minutes away, as the event unfolded on the news. I had friends that went to the school, as well as shared a bus with their students on the way to ROP classes in town. Through mutual friends, I was acquaintances with two who passed away. We knew that several kids had been shot, but we had no way to know how many, or who.

Most of you have never heard about the Lindhurst Shooting.

This was long before social media, long before cell phones, and way before Columbine.

This type of thing was unheard of.

To this day, come May 1st my Facebook fills with memories of Beamon Hill, Jason White, Judy Davis and civics teacher Mr. Robert Brens. Other days it's just on our minds, but falls on hushed lips.

23 years after, our community doesn't wallow in the sorrow. If fact, we rarely speak of it at all.

Lindhurst High School says the media brings unwanted attention, after every school shooting.
They're ready to move on.

The last thing I want to do here, is to take away from the terror those closely involved went through. I do not care to glamorize the way that the shooting has effected me, except to say that as a whole, if you live in our community this event has effected you in some way. Whether you have children that have attended the school as I have, or if you knew the students who died didn't matter.

That was our school. Those were our kids.

Here's a great write up on the events that unfolded that day in May 1992.

I won't go into the entire events that unfolded that day, but here is an episode of "Hostage: Do or Die" that highlights the Lindhurst Shooting. The only thing I ask, is as you watch this, please understand that this is a real event that happened. This is not a drama or a movie. This is reality.

If you wish to learn more about the story of the Lindhurst Shootings, there is also a movie about it, called Detention: Siege at Johnson High, starring Freddie Prinze Jr, Henry Winkler, and Rick Schroeder. According to comments on the IMBD from people who were actually there during the shooting, the movie did it's homework well, aside from making it seem they were having a pizza party during the hostage portion of the event. While a movie will never compare to actual events, it may put things in perspective as to what these people actually went through.

While searching for images, it's hard to find any of the victims. Most are on Find-a-Grave. In the process, anyone searching is inundated with photos of shooter, Eric Houston. I won't do that here.

Instead I simply want to say, rest in peace to Jason, Judy, Beamon, and Mr. Brens.
Beamon Hill - April 27, 1976 - May 1, 1992

According to Find A Grave "Beamon lived across the street from my youngest son, Kory, in Olivehurst, CA.. He was a good kid, well mannered and respectful of his elders. He had a big heart and always tried to look out for others. This may have caused his death.
Beamon's bravery and selflessness saved Angela Welch's life. But, in the process , it also claimed Hill's young life.

Angela, a 16-year-old Linda girl who Hill pushed out of harm's way, wants the world to know that he is a hero. She said Hill's actions not only kept her alive but, helped saved about two dozen others who were in the classroom when tragedy struck."

Jason Eric White February 5, 1973- May 1, 1992

Eric moves down the hall and shoots Jason E. White in the chest. Jason was charging Eric at the time in a heroic, but unfortunately futile, effort to end the bloodshed. According to Find A Grave, "Jason loved the song, 'The Dance' by Garth Brooks and played it over and over. He was a nice kid that never caused anyone any trouble. What caused him to be murdered on the day Lindhurst High School changed forever? "

Judith Marion "Judy" Davis October 17, 1974- May 1, 1992

Little information is available about Judy, but we know she was in Mr. Brens class during the shooting. She was shot immediately after her teacher was. According the the Columbine Angels website, "I was sent to my grandfather's house after being released from school. He was neighbors with Judy Davis' parents, and close friends with her entire family and Beamon Hill's family. That evening, when Judy's parent's came home after finding out their daughter had died, I heard her mother weeping from next door. The pain in her voice seemed to carry from her house over to me. I had realized at a very early age that, we lived in a world where the young and innocent are no safer and have no longer a life expectancy than the old or evil."

Teacher, Robert Brens August 18, 1963 - May 1, 1992

According to the Appeal Democrat our local paper, fellow teach and friend of Brens, Robert Ledford has never wanted to leave Lindhurst High School, and he is still there, teaching in the classroom where White was killed.

"I've lived here all my life," he said. "I student-taught here. I love teaching here. I love my comrades. It's a hard job, but somebody has got to do it."

Though today's students were not yet born at the time of the shooting, many ask Ledford to share the details.

He and Brens, 28, were colleagues and friends, attending football games together and bettering their teaching skills by taking classes at Sacramento State, and he said he is proud to tell students about Brens.

"I tell the kids, 'Once a year, I will relive it for you,'" Ledford said. "But you can't relive it every day, because it will eat you up."

Ledford talks with his students about the circumstances surrounding that day, starting with the King verdict riots that drove the canceled rally. Then he walks them through the course of events — every shot fired, every person wounded, every person killed.

The memorial that sits in front of Lindhurst High School to commemorate the victims of May 1, 1992