Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vintage Halloween

Happy Halloween, Samhain, and All Hollows Eve!

Somethings in life require little explanation. This is one of those. This will be more of a photo blog rather than a lengthy typed one. This will include two of my most favorite things: Halloween, and Vintage. Mix those two together and you have one of the most uniquely creepy concoctions that you can imagine. What is it about vintage photos from the 1800's and early 1900's that make things so exceptionally unsettling? Is it that most of the people in them are now dead? Is it the mix of innocence and evil? It's hard to say, but either way...the level of macabre is undeniable. It doesn't matter the exact era, Halloween in its simplicity was extremely spooky. People had less to work with and the designs were extremely strange. It makes you wonder what dark corners of the mind they derived from. Some of them are like nothing you've ever seen before, and strangely that makes them all that much more eerie. Children in strangely silent poses. Little eyes quietly peering back at you. Emotionless. Unempathetic. What are they thinking? What are they capable of? What's hiding behind their back? What can they get away with from the confines of a masked face? What undeniable curiosities may come to the surface on Halloween night?

...Innocence and Evil.

Here is a mix of creepy for you: 

Early Costumes:


Masks of the 1960-1980's: Uber Creepy Goodliness. I love these considering they remind me of my own youth...

Vintage Halloween cards:

Vintage Halloween Pinups



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